Subject: For Gabrielle: Exclusive on Expert Yoga Instructor for Over 20 Years


Ms. Gabrielle:

I have recently read your article The Runners Pain and found it interest that running, no matter the distance, is the leading cause of joint pain in the United States. Your interview with Robert Run was magnificent. Your ability to capture who I would call an athlete is truly inspiring.

Sam Yogi is also an athlete but instead of running she specializes in yoga and would be perfect for Greatist and your new piece on whether or not yoga tones the body. Sam has professionally been teaching yoga for over twenty years and is renowned in the industry. She has been the subject of a recent Fit Study, which was conducted by local doctors researching the health benefits derived from doing yoga. She has been featured in numerous fitness magazines, thanks in part to her toned physique. Sam is a natural conversationalist and adores Greatist.  

We are offering Sam’s story exclusively to Greatist so I will need to note your interest by Sept. 30. I can assure you Sam is easy to photograph and loves to participate in candid interviews. As to support your piece, I can also arrange interviews with newer yoga instructors to give you multiple perspectives.I have attached videos and photos for you to consider.      

Please let me how I can be of further assistance. My direct phone line is 555-555-9999.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Janet White


Janet White

Public Relations Director

Yogi Inc.


“The following information is not intended to be factual but is part of a class assignment on writing social media news releases at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University, July 2018. All information is intended to be sourced appropriately.”

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