Social Media Guidelines

What to do:

Mistakes: Admit mistakes and correct them.

Protect yourself and your brand: Be extra careful of what personal information you share online.

Act ethically and responsible: Don’t lie or misrepresent.

What not to do:

Personal information: Never share personal information of followers.

Post what belongs to you: Never post if rights are not established.

Ethical Code by Janet Diane White

Diversity Statement

“Inclusion. Diversity. They are more than just words to me, as they are a part of my DNA. I believe the two add a fearless approach to work, by fostering innovation and celebrating multiple points of view. I strive to draw from experience, a platform grounded in equality. By being myself, I aspire to create an environment that encourages change and embraces community.” – Janet Diane White

Code of Ethics:

  1. Candor: I strive to communicate the entire truth, even if the truth may reflect negatively on the individual or organization; as I am responsible for my own actions.
  2. Loyalty: I am faithful to those I represent while honoring my own core values and those of society.
  3. Openness: I respect all opinions and remain objective during the development of credibility.
  4. Advocacy: I aim to act as a compassionate advocate for the good of the public while serving those I represent.
  5. Expertise: I advance my profession through the development of specialized knowledge and experience while remaining informed of current events.